Adam Vinokur’s path to cinematography was a winding one. But we are all super glad he found his way into it. His practical yet creative approach makes him a great partner on the road to realising a vision. No two shoots are the same and whether it’s a no bells and whistles natural light job or a Ben Hur with all the toys- Adam’s goal remains creating a profound result.  His positive energy fuels the crew. He takes it seriously, but still manages to keep it fun. He believes in the power of a group of creative people coming together to use the location, the light, the actors, the script and the subsequent magic in front of camera to create those undeniable “damn that’s pretty” moments. Traveling to amazing places with amazing people keeps the thrill alive for him. It’s this that keeps him going in for more. That, and Voltaren. It is safe to say that Adam Vinokur loves his job so much that he literally, puts his back into it.